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What you can do on #chatweekly sessions: 

Chatter. Say. Tell. Speak. Mention. Affirm. Assert. Declare. Contend. Aver. Express. Voice. State. Articulate. Put. Give. Treat. Opine. Suppose. Involve. Mean. Entail. Presume. Take. Yield. Judge. Think. Mark. Dial. Score. Set. Tick. Share. Quote. Allot. Intervene. Present. Submit. Teach. Learn. Show. Meet. Keep. Hold. Reveal. Appear. Educate. Instruct. Display. Exhibit. Manifest. Demonstrate. Illustrate. Present. Lodge. Develop. Divulge. Designate. Reveal. Expose. Appear. Emerge. Indicate. Prove. Suggest. Have. Signal. Add. Gossip. Chitchat. Talk. Discourse. 

Logo designed by @NityaaLabs and referred by #chatweekly participants @AgnimitraPathak @jrprules1 We take this opportunity to thank them for their voluntary contribution. It immensely motivates us in our community building exercise.

Welcome to #chatweekly.